Lasswell’s communication model Sesi Pengantar Komunikasi (7)

Model Komunikasi MRGLasswell’s model of communication (also known as Lasswell’s communication model) describes an act of communication by defining who said it, what was said, in what channel it was said, to whom it was said, and with what effect it was said. It is regarded by many communication and public relations scholars as “one of the earliest and most influential communication models.” The model was developed by American political scientist and communication theorist Harold Lasswell in 1948 while he was a professor at Yale Law School. In his 1948 article “The Structure and Function of Communication in Society”, Lasswell wrote: Convenient way to describe an act of communication is to answer the following questions:

  1. Who
  2. Says What
  3. In Which Channel
  4. To Whom
  5. With What Effect?

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