The Local Culture & Globalization By Mustika Ranto Gulo, ST., M.IKom


The unique local culture into a tourist attraction for foreigners, if done correctly modernization management, local governments can increase revenue. This means that local knowledge can be developed and managed with the presence of information technology. However, many questions about how to prepare local communities to accept the wave of globalization itself. If the local culture to isolate itself from the technological developments of globalization will be a threat, a barrier occurrence of modernization. Local culture will inevitably have to accept an open flow of information from the outside world; do not assume that globalization is a threat and challenge the culture and local wisdom. Signs of a new reality in the increasingly fierce competition, with the presence of technology in all fields. Globalization requires the disclosure of information, the ability to master the skills of high technology, improving the quality of production and services, and the ability to use natural resources. Communication is the backbone of the traditional synchronization between the local culture at the level of globalization at the level of modernization. Conflict understand the local culture with the traditional paradigm of modernization words, it makes a difference and span of control so far. However, synchronization in the sense of having harmony between them, all that can be achieved through continuous communication by actors in the cultural system. Local knowledge is required to open a new world perdagangangan entering the arena of competition, including the preparation of a free market society to face the AFTA 2015 continuous and open communication can explain how important it is to understand the change that is inevitable. Through communication will explain that globalization is not a threat but an opportunity to understand that decentralization is a gateway to expand the production of goods and services produced by people who have been abandoned and less attention. Due to the progress of the local culture is characterized by an increase in people’s creativity to produce goods and services that bring in foreign exchange for the region. The new wave of globalization into opportunities by using information technology, so that the local community to be part of the global community. Free open information has unique characteristics that can be a serious threat if the local culture opposes any new information. Precisely globalization really bring progress to the stage of modernization that can be absorbed by the local culture through increased expertise to produce goods and services that are based on local wisdom. If the process of improving the skills and abilities developed end then it would be a serious threat. Therefore, through the local government has the responsibility for synchronizing communications and accelerating the development of Human Resources. Thus, the local government can increase revenues in accordance with the ideals of true autonomy. Empowerment of human resources and an increase in the utilization of natural resources is the best solution to deal with globalization. Information Technology are welcome to enter but used to be able to bring to the promotion of the production of goods and services from local wisdom. Local cultures around the world through the promotion – marketing communications. Local culture can be modernized in accordance with globalization are more likely to produce a comprehensive social change. Social change will have an impact on the marketing strategy of the production of goods and services from the creative community. Local government communications is a major factor in the success of globalization reaching the world market, where the creative production community can penetrate the international market, only through good communication and continuous.
___________ Keywords: Communications, the local culture, globalization, creative, local knowledge, local governments