Creative Economic Development Based E-Commerce

Pembangunan Ekonomi Kreatif  Berbasis E-Commerce :

INTRODUCTION: Creative and Power Capability Reserved
CHAPTER I. Power of New Media & Technology Copyright
CHAPTER II. Stimulation Production Creative Industries
CHAPTER III. Creative Industry Market Opportunities
CHAPTER IV. Creative Market Strategy E-Commerce
CHAPTER V. B2B Market Excellence in Creative Industries
CHAPTER VI. Building an Online Business E-Commerce
CHAPTER VII. Transactions, and Business Process Online
CHAPTER VIII. Understanding the globalization of business enterprises Social Media
CHAPTER IX. The background of the global policy change and the role of the World Economy Internet access availability of data between countries.
CHAPTER X. Mandatory understand political economy, the appearance of a new style of power, and how the social strata of society form the cyber world.
CHAPTER XI. Role of Communications Technology Channels & how to trade worldwide Online System.
CHAPTER XII. New Map E commerce Business Competition and the New Economy-Based Creative
CHAPTER XIII. Cultural change in Cyber ​​Culture, and institutions of human life in the new village of Cyber ​​Society.
CHAPTER XIV. Mastery Data Center, and business competition in cyberspace war can not be dammed.
CHAPTER XV. Facing the business world with the response, and Techniques to Build a Website Based e-commerce solution as an answer
CHAPTER XVI. Online business directories as the primary customer needs
CHAPTER XVII. Role in the Creation of a New Culture Banking transactions online trust

Proyek Buku Mustika Ranto Gulo
Proyek Buku Mustika Ranto Gulo

Proposal Penulisan Artikel (dalam bentuk paper MS Word dan dijadikan juga dalam bentuk Powerpoint – Tugas kelompok 1 s/d 8, (sebagai tugas wajib) sebelum UAS


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